Remant Customs supports construction Global Mercy

    'Global Mercy' becomes hospital ship in the port of Antwerp

    On 12 September, the ‘Global Mercy’, the new ship of the charitable organisation Mercy Ships, will arrive in the port of Antwerp. Onboard, volunteers and Port of Antwerp employees will transform it into a fully equipped hospital. In this capacity, the ship will remain in Antwerp until February 2022. The 'Global Mercy' is an impressive 174 metres long and 28.6 metres wide, with 12 decks. After finishing and fitting, the hospital ship will have 6 fully functional operating theatres and 199 beds. There will also be a laboratory for testing, various classrooms, an auditorium and the necessary medical equipment.

    Remant Customs as supporting partner

    A challenging project for which the organisation needs committed and well-organised partners. In the wake of the pandemic, which has underlined the importance of high-quality healthcare, Remant Customs is committed to supporting the refurbishment. The Customs department of the family-owned forwarding company Remant Group is handling customs compliance for the refurbishment of the 'Global Mercy'.

    Dietwin Rossaert, director Remant Customs: ‘With our expertise and systems, we can efficiently manage the permits and customs compliance for the various goods flows for this ambitious project. Our partners are MSC and Sealiner. Our excellent relationship with the Customs Administration contributes to a smooth process.’

    Mercy Ships plans to complete the installation of the hospital ship in 6 months. For the assembly of the hospital ship, parts, medical equipment, and instruments will be transported from all over the world. Punctual delivery of the goods and smooth customs clearance are crucial if the ambitious deadline is to be met. The employees from Remant Customs are responsible for this and are keen to support this exciting project.

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