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Go green, go paperless

With AEO support and monitoring, Remant Customs is a trustworthy partner for customs authorities in the supply chain and ensures smooth communication.

Remant Customs provides a paperless transit and is a co-developer of the ‘I flow’ concept, helping us monitor commodity flows in parallel thanks to our customs systems and WMS. Every link in the supply chain is AEO certified, which enables rapid communication flows. We also operate a system-based approach according to the new UCC reformation, with AEO support and monitoring.

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Integrating customs formalities in your systems

We are specialised in integrating customs formalities in your ERP, WMS and TMS systems.

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Online access for customers

Our online applications allow our customers to access all of the customs data they need for their transportation.

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International network of customs agencies

Customs Architects, your reliable network of customs partners across Europe.

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