Our customs solutions for your flows from outside the EU

    Our dedicated EU desk is at your service

    The legislation and customs tariffs governing the flow of goods between Europe and non-EU countries ask for extra care. At Remant Customs, we will get it fixed from a customs clearance point of view! This is how we support a smooth supply chain with the UK. 

    Any import or export to or from non-EU destinations is subject to a declarative obligation in the same way as goods from third countries to the European Union:
    • customs clearance,
    • veterinary or phytosanitary control,
    • normative control (CE standards, standard toys, etc.),
    • conformity with European standards,
    • bio

    Our fields of expertise

    Customs representation

    Customs Architects – a hands-on approach to customs clearance for logistics service providers and their customers. We process over 80.000 declarations every year.

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    Compliance as a service