Remant Customs spreads her wings

    After the rebranding, the rearrangement and beautification of our offices are next in 2018. As a neutral and independent entity, Remant Customs has made the first move. As of today, the Customs Architects can be found at the Godefriduskaai next to the MAS in the heart of Antwerp.

    This rearrangement fits better in our HR policy and is a part of our goal to create more space for our employees, offer more room for eating and relaxing and supports our general pursuit of a pleasant work environment for all our employees.

    This new building reflects the same historical character as the Ahrant building and therefore, we see it as a natural extension of our offices.

    Our headquarters keep their home base at the Oudeleeuwenrui 25, 2000 Antwerp. All phone numbers, email addresses and account numbers stay the same.

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