Customs Architect

    ‘Before I joined the Brexit team, I had completed a bachelor programme in Hotel Management and had worked in the food service and hotel industry, which was hard hit by the COVID pandemic. I decided to reorient my career and ended up with Remant Customs. Even though I had focused on an international public in my previous job, I entered a new world. I got immersed in international customs legislation and have learned a great deal as I went along, also from the management and my colleagues. Our work here is based on knowledge of legislation, which we gain at our Remant Customs Academy, for instance. E-globalisation is one of the topics we have studied in great depth as a team. I assist our customers to make sure their business with the UK and other European countries runs smoothly. It’s a fascinating job in the logistics sector, with much variation and many contacts with other agents. This is what makes my job so dynamic.’

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