Stagiair Remant Customs - werkplekleren

    ‘In my final academic year, I combine my Graduate Transport & Logistics studies, specialisation Customs Declaration, with acquiring work experience. Students who take this degree programme at the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp combine theory with a comprehensive work placement of three days a week, almost throughout the academic year.’ 

    ‘Thanks to this work placement, I know my interest in the world of international customs runs deep in me. I am allowed to look closely at what the import, export, transit, and Brexit teams are doing. This gives me a splendid perspective of the profession, and it motivates me to learn more. Remant Customs gives me the opportunity to work independently, and my colleagues help me with advice and explanations. I have felt at home here ever since the first day. They have already suggested to me that I stay on under a permanent contract when I graduate.’

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