Updates: Digitisation

    The next step in the fulfilment of the ‘green lane’

    Customs at the forefront of IT applications

    “Algorithmic based policy in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning will increase the efficiency and efficacy of customs operation, leading to the next step in the fulfilment of the ‘green lane’ and creating a level playing field for fair and honest businesses.”

    By paraphrasing a paper by Mikuriya and Cantens (2020), we like to emphasise that customs have always been at the forefront of IT applications.

    It is therefore not unexpected that recent theoretical developments in this area are being put into practice in customs administration for the first time.

    For more information please consult: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/media/newsroom/2020/november/paper-on-manifesto-of-data-mobilisation-in-customs.aspx

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